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Winter 2020 Update

It has been a while since we updated the website. Much has happened since the last update - not all of it positive. The FRP Slurp moulding operation by Pata Marine in Hungary has ended with the winding up of the moulding operations. The moulds are back in the UK along with a decked hull destined to become a Dames Blonde training Slurp.

'White Knight GBR333' was launched in 2016. There have been small but important updates from the experience gained from the first FRP Slurp 'Zest' GBR332 to hit the water (See technical). Somewhere in the south of the kingdom a Slurp kit is well through the construction phase. The question is will she be launched in 2021?

The Covid19 pandemic interrupted the normal 2021 sailing season although sailing at West Kirby was surprisingly good, all things considered. Currently (February 2021) all sailing has ground to a halt again with Wirral Council closing the Marine Lake and no access to the boat sheds until the virus recedes. The tide is the only consistent phenomena of the current time; it keeps coming in and going out – long may it continue.

Our thoughts turn to maintenance and development projects of which there are plenty. One of the most interesting is the over rotating and sealed mast. Over rotation brings great performance when it's done properly and sealing the mast can mean a mast that doesn't sink depending on section of course. We will keep you updated with progress on this project.


The easiest way to have a go at Canoe Sailing is to come to West Kirby Sailing Club (if you want to have a look around) situated on the NW corner of the Wirral Peninsula. # It's a town club with plenty of facilities within walking distance of the club (supermarkets and restaurants). Parking is easy although the sailing club footprint is not large so you may have to park outside the club. Sailing can be on the West Kirby Marine Lake or on the Dee Estuary when the tide is in. There is a 4 hour tidal window.

You will be able to see Nethercot OD's and new Rules IC's. There are no AC's at the club at the moment.

How can a visit be organised? Just contact us and fix a date and time with Tony. There’s more details on our Have A Go page.

New Slurps

Following the ‘HAVE-A-GO’ at Swanage last season, one of the ‘Have-a-Go-ers’, has started on a ‘Slurp’ building project. He’s started with the sliding seat and carriage and will move on to the hull when he’s ready (and when his new shed is ready too !!). Hopefully we will have the story according to Harry in due course. It’s a good thought - chasing to build the slide and carriage first particularly if you are new to having a go at building things. Building a hull as a first project can be a daunting prospect.

There’s one ’Slurp’ build in the planning stage in Sarasota, Florida and at long last ‘White Knight - IC GBR333, the 2nd FRP Slurp was finally completed and launched in August 2016 (see pics and notes).

Racing has been a top priority this season. ‘Zest’ the first of the FRP ’Slurps’ has been raced hard throughout the season including the Europa Cup / British National Championships at Pwllheli SC 2016 and last years’s National Championships at Stone SC 2015.

Testing through Racing

All the racing undertaken has naturally been to find out any snags with the mouldings and to make any improvements to enhance performance. Amazingly, there haven’t been any snags with the hull/deck moulding. The slide, which I’m very pleased with, suffered some minor issues at the outset which were easily overcome. Testing has been thorough with a 16 stone (101Kgs) canoe sailor on the end of the slide in some very windy conditions on the Dee Estuary. On the occasion of the West Kirby SC’s 100th Regatta in 2014, a particularly windy episode, ‘Zest’ was the only fast handicap boat to finish.

Rig Development

The main thrust of our efforts this season has been to refine the rig in a quest to continuously improve performance. A new stiffer mast is on trial together with new spreaders and bracket. We continue to work with Goacher Sails. A flatter cut mainsail has significantly improved all round performance for Steve Fleming sailing ‘Katie’ GBR158, one of the original Slurps built in 1970.

‘White Knight’ IC GBR333

‘White Knight’ is the second of the FRP Slurps to be completed. She has a few developments from her sister ship ‘Zest’. They are as follows:

  1. A 55mm diameter mast has improved stiffness and control. The other dimensions are the same as for ‘Zest’.
  2. Tidying up the control rope ends: a better take up system is employed involving shock cord and plastic rings on the underside of the carriage
  3. A slightly smaller rudder

Have A Go Day

The Have A Go Days are proving a great way to let you know the great attributes of the IC Slurp One Design. Not least because you can have a go!! For that reason we're keen to do more throughout the year ... to get our message to you. To support this we've developed a new Have A Go Day page that will give you more information on how the day is run along with an outline timetable. If you're an IC sailor who's interested in promoting this great boat in your club please let us know by clicking here.


We hope you enjoy the site. If there are items that you'd like to see that aren't on the site or that you'd like to know more about, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us.